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Coloring Books Featuring Characters from PBS KIDS® Shows

PBS KIDS Characters Coloring Program

Arthur™, Dinosaur Train™, Elinor Wonders Why™, Odd Squad™, The Berenstain Bears®, Wild Kratts®, Alma’s Way®, Sid the Science Kid®

Imprint, Custom and Retail versions of Coloring Products.

Imprint Coloring Products: an existing product with completed drawings, upon which a business or Station Affiliate IMPRINT’s their desired company information on pre-designated areas of the book or product. Often used as give-a-ways during an event or promotion.

Custom Coloring Books: a book all about your company on every single page. It’s all about the business or station, cover to cover, every page. For Promotion or Resale.

Retail Coloring Book: an existing retail ready book with bar codes, ISBN information to sell in any venue. Books are purchased by the business at a wholesale price, then resold at a retail price, i.e., Arthur® Coloring Book Official.

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