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Point of Purchase Displays


Retail Coloring Book Displays

Coloring Book Displays for Retail & Fundraising

Point of Purchase Displays for all retail, education and fundraising channels. The Really Big Coloring Books ® merchandising display are proven successful and will make any market or channel a high profit margin. If your company, group, club, school or organization would like more information please call or email us. Retailers and Fundraising Groups can double their money with Really Big Coloring Books Point of Purchase Displays.

This retail unit floor display has a footprint of about 18″ x 18″. You can easily double your investment with the Really Big Coloring Books.

Five Pockets Each pocket holds up to 12 Really Big Coloring Books coloring books. Corrugate rack will last for a year. Great for in store/in-out/ and retail promotions.

You may order display units online and we will call you for your chosen product mix. We will not ship this order until you are contacted and you choose your coloring book titles. You can also call us at 314-695-5757 anytime and place your order via telephone.

Different coloring book titles for each quarter are available and product arrives usually within 10 days or order placement.

Coloring Books designed to make your business money. Here you can purchase one (1) copy or a truckload.

Manufactured in St. Louis, Missouri USA.

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