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Our History is Full of Color

History: Really Big Coloring Books®, Inc. (RBCB) with decades of history and experience help bring families together through quality coloring book products. A history of Publishing in over 30 languages and shipping to 90+ countries and headquartered in St. Louis, MO. A USA and Canadian Corporation, RBCB creates and manufactures coloring books, books, paper products, art and music for consumers, business, retail, education, government sectors – and you!

  • 1981

    In the fall of this year N. Wayne Bell made his first big 18” x 24” coloring at the age of 20.

  • 1988

    Wayne continues creating coloring books, Trademarks the name Really Big Coloring Books, Inc., and Copyrights the books, becoming a Missouri Corporation.


  • 1990’s

    Bell continues his professional job in the publishing industry, and he is always selling his coloring books on the side. He states, “These coloring books follow me everywhere I go, I must make new titles and keep on selling big books; it’s fun, people love the books, people smile.”

  • 1996

    It is the coming of age for the internet and the meaning of a phrase, “the World Wide Web (WWW)”it has become famous to the public, the internet is becoming busy and popular. Bell informs his friends and family; “this new internet thing is going to be a big deal.” Bell leaves his professional sales job expanding the line of Really Big Coloring Books®, Inc., writing new titles and begins purchasing coloring book related domain names on the world wide web (WWW).


  • 1997-1999

    Bell works out of his home, purchases the domain name, he opens his first web page and sells two books the first night for $10.00 each in Phoenix, Arizona. He totally quits all other work. Really Big Coloring Books, Inc. joins, Borders Books, Barnes and any other place he can get a yes to sell his books.

  • 2000

    The company coloring book line enters 501-c3 fundraising avenues, local and national retail markets, e-commerce stores, schools, churches, groups, clubs, and organizations. and national chains.


  • 2001

    Bell at Really Big Coloring Books® purchases and continues to purchase coloring book related domain names he can acquire.

  • 2002

    Really Big Coloring Books, Inc. expands to dozens of titles, the company is securing a leadership role in the English based coloring book business, and he makes his first Spanish language book.


  • 2003

    Really Big Coloring Books, Inc. opens an office in Clayton, (St. Louis) Missouri.

  • 2004

    Kenneth N. Rich of St. Louis, MO joins Really Big Coloring Books® as COO and becomes business partner of N. Wayne Bell. The company continues to purchase domain names. Partners with Crayola® marketing office to use Crayola® brand name on books and begins to sell the Crayola® product line. Bell licenses and signs a contract for the coloring book product line to MeadWestvaco®, Mead® paper company; a 160-year-old multi-billion-dollar distribution and paper manufacturing company.


  • 2005-2014

    Really Big Coloring Books® opens a custom coloring book line of products for businesses and consumers, expands into the imprint coloring book business for the advertising specialty businesses and begins to make greeting cards. The company purchases its 1,000th (one-thousandth) domain name relating to the coloring book industry, this year.

  • 2014

    Company continues to grow the coloring book business shipping to over 90 countries. “Our domain names have become our ‘brick and mortar’ outlets”, says Bell. Really Big Coloring Books, Inc. creates nexus in Canada and becomes a Canadian Corporation based in Manitoba, also acquiring dozens of Colouring Book domain names.


  • 2015

    The company now owns 1500+ domain names in Europe, Canada and the United States all relating to coloring books and begins to develop a music division.

  • 2019

    Really Big Coloring Books opens new manufacturing, expands product offerings, and begins using new equipment and new bindery to produce their products.


  • 2020

    Really Big Coloring Books® acquires one of its toughest competitors of the previous 21 years;, expands heavily into the business to consumer markets.

  • 2022

    Really Big Coloring Books®, Inc., | a dedicated and broad-based company with a committed staff of strategists, designers, coders and marketers for e-commerce, internet success focusing customer needs. Our customers remain our focus with our commitment to quality customer service, call anytime: 314-695-5757 or email, [email protected].


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